On 25 October,2020 Erasmus+ and Abarka held a informal education camp in spain-hondarribia for 7 days regarding drug abuse and prevention  . A total with 7 delegations with staff and the Teacher(professor) who conducted day activities and supplied us with huge amount of knowledge and interesting activities  integrated with pleasure and fun.

The aims of the implementation of this camp is to provide an attractive outdoor an indoor education, which can help students improve mental but physical health as well with live independently. In addition, camp allowed us to relax our mind in a refreshing environment.evidently, emphasis on the spiritual aspect is one of main objective.

 About camp itself, starting with morning motivational ZUMBA for nice day and great vibes , various activities designed to suit the purpose, transited in reality. Day-life potential scenarios, presentation, involvement and spreadable, contagious knowledge itself. Food and drinks always were on time with delicious taste and quantity for everyone (extra included).

Every  end of the day, we had a cultural night dedicated to one delegation, which revived and introduced their roots,tradition, culture, folk, ancient and modern associations. Such activities help people to get closer and build friendship with invisible lines and chemistry . 

Fortunately we head it all and whole camp was bounded like one. Thats why it was an amazing journey,experience and beginning of new friendships .

Camp in general was held with success .

All planed activities had been conducted in a timely manner, participants also shown their satisfaction and pleasure with the camp. Also planned halloween night, which was amazing memory for each of us. On the last day which was Tuesday, official closing of the activities was conducted. A lot of sensitive stuff, we all wanted to staying there without time limits thats why people had hard time realizing and habituating circumstances.

All in all, I am  glad that i met this people, made a lot of friends which I’m going to see in a shortest time possible, inhaled the  given knowledge, found out new part of the world with its interesting sights.

It was all pleasure being a part of this marvelous adventure.