Erasmus+ Testimonio del JST Sassari 2022 – Influence Youth

ERASMUS+ | JSTA | SASSARI 2022 | INFLUENCE YOUTH TESTIMONIO DE PARTICIPANTES DE ESPAÑA Como participante en el curso de formación sobre la lucha contra la discriminación y la xenofobia, he adquirido valiosos conocimientos y herramientas para reconocer y cuestionar estos comportamientos nocivos en mi vida cotidiana. (Aihnoa, País Vasco) Un ejemplo especialmente impactante del […]

Youth Exchange ZUMBA – Testimony Alice Mainard

This youth exchange was amazing! All the participants were caring and we created a great atmosphere of sharing ! It was really interesting to talk with young people from all over Europe and from very different backgrounds. The location was wonderful: the Basque country ! A harmonious mix of mountains and sea. At the end, […]

YE – ZUMBA – Marina Testimony, Georgia

Hello, I’m Marina Kharitonashvili and participated in Erasmus + Project Zumba – „Let’s make dream reality” in Hondarribia, in October 2021. I was a representative and a team leader of Georgia. I think, that this is a type of project, where you can make your dreams come true.  During the project, we had many interesting […]

YE – ZUMBA – Testimony-kakha khutilashvili (Georgia)

On 25 October,2020 Erasmus+ and Abarka held a informal education camp in spain-hondarribia for 7 days regarding drug abuse and prevention  . A total with 7 delegations with staff and the Teacher(professor) who conducted day activities and supplied us with huge amount of knowledge and interesting activities  integrated with pleasure and fun. The aims of […]

YE – ZUMBA – Testimony Keti Kokiashvili (Georgia)

Erasmus+ and Abarka Non-Formal Education Camp was held in Honadribia for 8 days on October 24, 2021. The name of the project was Zumba – „Let’s make dream reality”. Project’s main goal was fighting against drugs and living a healthy lifestyle. This project was a great experience for me. Each day was excitingly and productively […]

YE – ZUMBA – Testimony Salome (Georgia)

Taking part in the Erasmus program in Spain was an experience of a lifetime. exchange project abroad has been an advantage in various ways, specifically in that it has improved my communication skills, getting to learn about a new culture and broaden my personal experiences. We had group discussions, group presentations, role play, workshops, individual […]

YE – ZUMBA – Giorgi Testimony (Georgia)

In October 2020 ” Erasmus+ “and “Abarka” held a informal education camp in spain-  for 7 days related to  drug abuse and prevention  .totally 7 delegations with staff and the Teacher -who conducted day activities and taught us many interesting activities approaches and methods    integrated with pleasure and fun. The goals itself   of this camp is […]

Erasmus Plus Youth Exchange Testimony Alessandro Maurizi

This is my report about Erasmus+ “Let make tomorrow’s dreams reality” Hondarribia 2021. To describe this experience words are not enough, but I’ll try. It has been the best project so far for several reason: first of all, the topic of the project was really interesting because since I was kid, I have always been […]

Erasmus+ Training Course 08/2021- Testimony – Euskera – Idoia

Idoia Gurrutxaga naiz eta Parisen astebete igaro dut eramus+ eko “Conjunctions-Fighting Discrimination and Social Exclusion in Youth Work” proiektuan. 7 herrialdek hartu dugu parte: Espainia, Frantzia, Italia, Errusia, Estonia, Moldavia eta Bulgaria. Proiektu honetan gazteen artean dagoen diskriminazioa eta bazterketa soziala landu ditugu. Egoera desberdinak aztertu, irtenbideak bilatu eta hausnarketak egin ditugu. Gaia oso interesgarria […]