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This is my report about Erasmus+ “Let make tomorrow’s dreams reality” Hondarribia 2021.

To describe this experience words are not enough, but I’ll try. It has been the best project so far for several reason: first of all, the topic of the project was really interesting because since I was kid, I have always been careful not to take the wrong path regard to drugs and various addictions. Now I am more open about this issue and I understood that you need to have a lot of patience and empathy if you want to help people with this kind of problems. 

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Moreover I can say that I found an amazing group of people which I shared the most beautiful experience of my life, the guys were really funny, especially those of the Georgian group. The theme nights were beautiful and I discovered many customs and dishes that I didn’t know existed. My favorite night was the Moldovan one, we learned about their history, for example they explained us that they gained independence 30 years ago. I enjoyed their food and I can say that it’s very similar to the Italian one (but ours is much better). 

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At least but not last the place: it was simply amazing, we were practically on the sea and at 7 pm you could observe an amazing sunset. When the weather was fine, it was like being in an earthly paradise, in fact there were a lot of tourists. 

Alessandro Maurizi