In October 2020 ” Erasmus+ “and “Abarka” held a informal education camp in spain-  for 7 days related to  drug abuse and prevention  .totally 7 delegations with staff and the Teacher -who conducted day activities and taught us many interesting activities approaches and methods    integrated with pleasure and fun.

The goals itself   of this camp is to provide an attractive outdoor an indoor education ,which can help students improve mental and  physical health& skills  .in addition camp helped  us to calm  in afresh environment .

About camp itself, starting with morning motivational ZUMBA- dance which was real fun and good for positive day start .then we had several productive  activities with breaks in the middle  for some snacks(coffe tea) included .food was great and there always was extra in case someone wanted to add .we also had some free time for quick nap or hang out around the camp site .by end if the day we had intercultural nights for every country and it was amazing ,I was thrilled .it was such a great experience because each of us presented our country’s for the very beginning of our culture ,tasted national dishes drinks and etc. 

 One of the most important thing is that I made a lot of friends and meet amazing, intresting people which I had a lot commont with.im more than sure that we are going to be in touch and visit each other in the future.

To sum up,generally the camp was amazing and we all had amazing experience  I belive so, because every activity was so intresting with footage and relaity sinthesis .we all had a great time working &living with each other and this is the experience which is going tostay in my mind forever .

It was huge pleasure to be a participant of this project. 

Giorgi kobakhidze, Georgia