In December 2019, I had my first experience attending a short-term Erasmus workshop in Ehrenteri, Basque country. And I really miss the program participants.

Of course, it was not always easy, but in any case it was an unforgettable adventure. We talked a lot, solved interesting cases, played theatrical scenes. Performances were a particularly pleasant discovery for me.

I was already involved in theatrical projects, and appreciated how well the participants managed these tasks. I can’t say that the seminar was the best. But it was a new experience and new acquaintances around the world, just as it was new knowledge in the field of ecology and organization of projects. I think it was thanks to this trip that I began to plan on creating my own project.

I would even like to return to the Basque country to study the local environmental situation in more detail. Anyway, I hope this is not the last Erasmus for me.

Kozlova Anna (Russia)