Erasmus Plus Youth Exchange ZUMBA Okba Sallam Testimony

It was a pleasure to be part of this project. I got to meet people from different countries and got to know a little bit about other cultures, it was great experience and all the participants were very friendly and welcoming. All the sessions were very informative. We discussed intersting topis and exchanged opinions and […]

Youth Exchange ZUMBA – Testimony Alice Mainard

This youth exchange was amazing! All the participants were caring and we created a great atmosphere of sharing ! It was really interesting to talk with young people from all over Europe and from very different backgrounds. The location was wonderful: the Basque country ! A harmonious mix of mountains and sea. At the end, […]

YE – ZUMBA – Marina Testimony, Georgia

Hello, I’m Marina Kharitonashvili and participated in Erasmus + Project Zumba – „Let’s make dream reality” in Hondarribia, in October 2021. I was a representative and a team leader of Georgia. I think, that this is a type of project, where you can make your dreams come true.  During the project, we had many interesting […]

YE – ZUMBA – Testimony-kakha khutilashvili (Georgia)

On 25 October,2020 Erasmus+ and Abarka held a informal education camp in spain-hondarribia for 7 days regarding drug abuse and prevention  . A total with 7 delegations with staff and the Teacher(professor) who conducted day activities and supplied us with huge amount of knowledge and interesting activities  integrated with pleasure and fun. The aims of […]

YE – ZUMBA – Testimony Keti Kokiashvili (Georgia)

Erasmus+ and Abarka Non-Formal Education Camp was held in Honadribia for 8 days on October 24, 2021. The name of the project was Zumba – „Let’s make dream reality”. Project’s main goal was fighting against drugs and living a healthy lifestyle. This project was a great experience for me. Each day was excitingly and productively […]

YE – ZUMBA – Testimony Salome (Georgia)

Taking part in the Erasmus program in Spain was an experience of a lifetime. exchange project abroad has been an advantage in various ways, specifically in that it has improved my communication skills, getting to learn about a new culture and broaden my personal experiences. We had group discussions, group presentations, role play, workshops, individual […]

YE – ZUMBA – Giorgi Testimony (Georgia)

In October 2020 ” Erasmus+ “and “Abarka” held a informal education camp in spain-  for 7 days related to  drug abuse and prevention  .totally 7 delegations with staff and the Teacher -who conducted day activities and taught us many interesting activities approaches and methods    integrated with pleasure and fun. The goals itself   of this camp is […]

Erasmus Plus Youth Exchange Testimony Alessandro Maurizi

This is my report about Erasmus+ “Let make tomorrow’s dreams reality” Hondarribia 2021. To describe this experience words are not enough, but I’ll try. It has been the best project so far for several reason: first of all, the topic of the project was really interesting because since I was kid, I have always been […]