This is a wonderful experience by one of the italain partecipant  during the Erasmus+ project “Take an active role- EMPOWER” in Enterria, Basque Country, Spain organized by Abarka.

A group of youngesters from five different countries: Moldova, Russia, Spain, Italy, Romania took part a Youth Exchange in Enterria where the aim of the project was to identify the common causes of intolerance and analyse persisting cases of non-toleance on the basis of culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation and race against various minorities. The project takes 7days of working with different interesting activities and energizer where all the people were involved by an amazing trainer Kirill, to think and express themselves thought debates, simulation activities and interactive workshops on different types of discrimination.

Rosa Cascone (Derecha)

Every day we had great session where we learned a lot from each other, sharing idea and cooperate with very important topic which nowdays is very hard to discuss about it for the not enough knowledge, and for not enough open mindness. It was really interesting project, I got a lot knowledge and I still remember the intensity how all the group worked in it, for me it was more then youth exchange because it was not only sharing experience and information also learn from each other specially from who was leaded the activities. One of the best moment was when we learned the meaning of “Tolerance” from the official declaration of Unesco: Everyone should live the life in peace, specially in the way that they want!

Rosa Cascone

The objectives of the project were to increase  awareness among youth people from a minority background, to empower youth to take an active role in local communities, to bring together people from different ethnic, to create space for dialogue and to raise their sense of belonging of Europe. As a participant I don’t have words to describe the feeling that I had, project by project I believe always more that Erasmus + is connection, a wonderful way to connect people!

Rosa Cascone (Italy)