Denys Dmytrenko (Estonia) Testimony

«Initially I planned to go to Spain, but instead arrived to a place with different people and language not similar to Spanish at all – to Basque country. Previously I knew almost nothing about this country. But now it amazed me with the richness of it’s culture, friendliness of people and beauty of the landscape. […]

Ibrahima Diallo (Espagne) Testimony

Avant tout d’abord je commencerais par remercier ABARKA de m’avoir donné l’opportunité de participer à ce deuxième projet qui a eu un impact positif dans ma vie. Au cours du projet j’ai découvert beaucoup de nouvelles choses tel que: la connaissance générale sur les réseaux sociaux, ses avantages et inconvénients, son impact sur la vie […]

Mathias Randrüüt (Estonia) Testimony

The Erasmus+ project held in Errenteria on 1th to 9th august 2019. This was my second Erasmus+ project. It’s hard to express all the amazing emotions, contacts and skills that I acquiered during the YE. Basque country acted as a meeting place of many very special and talented people for a whole week. We are […]

Cătălina Cernenco (Moldova) – Testimony

Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus. So happy to belong to this wide family within I grow up in the past 4 years, both formal and non-formal. “Social Media and Active Youth” Youth Exchange which took place in Errenteria between 1 – 9 August was a significant one for me, it approached a sensitive topic with a […]

Cristian Ermurachi (Moldavia) – Testimonio

Del 1 al 9 de agosto participé en un proyecto Erasmus + de Intercambio Juvenil que tuvo lugar en Errenteria, España. El tema principal fue «Redes sociales y juventud activa». Así que durante una semana discutimos el impacto de los medios sociales (online) en el mundo de hoy, los riesgos y cómo mejorar las actividades […]