Mathias Randrüüt (Estonia) Testimony

The Erasmus+ project held in Errenteria on 1th to 9th august 2019. This was my second Erasmus+ project. It’s hard to express all the amazing emotions, contacts and skills that I acquiered during the YE. Basque country acted as a meeting place of many very special and talented people for a whole week. We are living in a very multicultural world and experiencing and interacting with people who carry different cultures, promotes understanding in this world, which in turn creates peace, tolerance and overall hapiness in societies. While being a active marketer and interacting with social media every day, I…

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Cătălina Cernenco (Moldova) – Testimony

Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus. So happy to belong to this wide family within I grow up in the past 4 years, both formal and non-formal. “Social Media and Active Youth” Youth Exchange which took place in Errenteria between 1 – 9 August was a significant one for me, it approached a sensitive topic with a major collision on our society. We had to piece up interactively media situations, play role in order to sensitize public opinion and lunch different social campaigns in order to combat media disinformation. All this was awesome done due the diverse backgrounds input. It was a…

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Cristian Ermurachi (Moldavia) – Testimonio

Del 1 al 9 de agosto participé en un proyecto Erasmus + de Intercambio Juvenil que tuvo lugar en Errenteria, España. El tema principal fue «Redes sociales y juventud activa». Así que durante una semana discutimos el impacto de los medios sociales (online) en el mundo de hoy, los riesgos y cómo mejorar las actividades de las ONG mediante el uso de herramientas de redes sociales virtuales. El estado de ánimo divertido y asombroso no se debe al ambiente y al lugar, sino a las personas que están cerca de ti. PD ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS a Clotaire Ntienou y ABARKA ONGD…

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