I am really grateful for the YE project carried out in Errenteria, it gave me really much, humanly and professionally. During the exchange I had the opportunity to deepen the environmental issues and to always question the pre-established points of view, reflecting on the manipulative power of communication and on the importance of great attention and awareness in approaching these issues. In my current job I take care of organizing trips for school children, including environmental and integration themed itineraries. The experience lived with Abarka is coming back to me very useful in my work. I will talk to children about the project I made, the testimonials reported and projects like those of Emaus. I will talk about the importance of recycle and take care of environment.

In addition to training, the project was extremely fun, thanks to the simulation activities, group games and morning dances. It was so funny to learn the typical contry’s dances, to explore San Sebastian and basically to live, learn and laugh with all of you.

 I found myself very well with the members of my team as well as with everyone else; I carry many wonderful memories with me. I would also like to thank Clotaire and Kirill for  their humanity, all my affection to them.

Kirill is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had, I’ll always carry in my heart the chats we had with him in the yard.

I wish the best to all people in the project, to Abarka and to all young people that are entering the amazing world of Eramsus+.

Gabriele Russo (Italy)