🌍✨ CAZE (Stimulating Creativity In The Digital Era)✨🌍

We’re thrilled to share our recent Transnational Project Meeting in Oiartzun, where we took a significant step towards nurturing creativity in the digital era through our CAZE project. 🚀

CAZE (Stimulating Creativity In The Digital Era) is all about empowering youth with integrative support, cross-cutting skills, and the ability to showcase their handmade ethnic and traditional products on a dynamic electronic platform. 📲🛍

Our mission is to bridge the gap between cultures, turning the spotlight on the unique skills young individuals bring to Europe. 🌟🤝

Did you know that many talented young people arrive in Europe with incredible but often untapped craft skills? CAZE is changing that. 💼🌏

Join us in our journey to celebrate diversity, harness creativity, and create a world where tradition meets innovation. Stay tuned for exciting updates and stories from our CAZE project! 🌐🌺