Rosa Cascone (Italy) – Empower 2018 – Testimonio

This is a wonderful experience by one of the italain partecipant  during the Erasmus+ project “Take an active role- EMPOWER” in Enterria, Basque Country, Spain organized by Abarka. A group of youngesters from five different countries: Moldova, Russia, Spain, Italy, Romania took part a Youth Exchange in Enterria where the aim of the project was […]

Iuliana Chaplygina (Italy) – Empower 2018 – Testimonio

«A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions». This quote can fully express how I felt myself after taking part in the Erasmus+ project «Take an Active Role – Empower” that was held in Errenteria (Spain) from 15th till 21st of October. It wasn’t my first experience […]

Roman Andrei (Romania) – Empower 2018 – Testimonio

“Erasmus Youth Exchange-Empower!” was the first project to take part of and it turned into a great experience. It uses “empower”, but I would also add enlighten to it’s name since this project helped us to enlighten our mind with new and useful information for our development as humans and integration in society, in a […]

Gulnaz Galeeva (Rusia) – Empower 2018 – Testimonio

This October was full of wonderful discoveries for me because of my participation in Youth Exchange of Erasmus. First of all, I should write that it was my first visit to Spain and I am happy that my acquaintance began namely with Bask’s country. It is not possible to not fall in love with it’s […]

Ibrahima Diallo (Spain) – EMPOWER 2018 – Testimonio

Al participar en este proyecto, quería recibir el mayor conocimiento posible para luchar contra el fenómeno de discriminación que enfrentamos todos los días y también para conocer las diferentes opiniones de los diferentes participantes sobre este tema, ya que provienen de diferentes países y culturas, lo que significaría experiencias y realidades únicas. Conocí gente realmente […]

Constantin Dascal – EMPOWER 2018 – Testimonio

From 15th of October 2018 till the 21st of October 2018, ERASMUS+ in Spain, in the Basque Region What does Empower mean? 1. Give (someone) the authority or power to do something. 2. Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. What does Empower means to me after […]

Kezia Fontaine (Francia/España) – EMPOWER 2018 – Testimonio

Participar en este proyecto de intercambio juvenil Erasmus Plus, fue una oportunidad para conocer gente que de otro modo no habría conocido. Además, tuve un yen para lanzarme a un proyecto común cuyo objetivo es aumentar la comprensión y la tolerancia hacia las minorías llevadas a cabo por jóvenes de diferentes orígenes étnicos y culturales. […]