🌟 From academic realms to the dynamic world of Marketing and Communication, Erika’s transformative path was shaped by her participation in the Erasmus+ «Social Impact 3.0» program.
Seizing the opportunity, Erika passionately shares her experience, empowering the youth through the Erasmus KA2 CAZE project.
💪 These dual experiences profoundly influenced her transition, emphasizing the crucial role of soft skills and the practical application of knowledge.
Erika champions the «learning by doing» approach, a perspective cultivated during her Erasmus+ journey and absent in traditional Italian education.
🎓 This exposure ignited her appreciation for practical methods and Design Thinking, inspiring her to envision innovative educational programs that seamlessly blend theory with real-world application.
🌍 Transitioning isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s a journey of building confidence, understanding societal impact, and crafting sustainable business models. Erika’s Erasmus+ experience deeply informed her approach to addressing social issues like school dropout rates in Italy, shaping her professional ethos in marketing and communication.
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