Social Impact 3.0 - Dissemination Portugal Team

We had 3 sessions related to an Erasmus project that we are developing called «Plantwise» and we took the opportunity to publicize the last Erasmus project we participated in: 

«Social Impact 3.0».

Especially because of the methods we develop in Social Impact 3.0, as well as the importance of social entrepreneurship, end up being related to the concepts we develop in our association, as well as the projects we get involved in.

The first session took place at Start Up Angra in front of a group of 8 entrepreneurs from various countries and associations.

The second and third sessions took place at an artistic school, in front of two classes, with around 15 students each, where we presented our association, the importance of social entrepreneurship and the Social Impact 3.0 project, and finally we created a list of young people interested in participating in our future activities, essentially within the scope of Erasmus + partnerships.